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released June 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Alex Vincent Provo, Utah

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Track Name: Power
Power can make a man do certain things
Like stay where he's not wanted make us feel like we can't think
And all we ought to do is tell him "your talk is cheap"
And we'll send him on his way, don't come back to bother me, no

Him with his sweet words he made us feel secure
Like nothing else could harm us 'long as he could rule the world
And he swore we'd rule together but I never understood
That together meant he'd rule and say that which for me was good

Gather round my friends, I've got some things to say
Just believe me when I tell you I have found a surefire way
I'll make sure that none go hungry and that everybody's well
Just know I can keep you safe can keep you far away from hell, yeah

You can my brother yes and you can call me friend
I will lead you through this wicked world to right back where we stand
And I promise none will harm you nor contaminate you're soul
You'll be clean as when you started you'll be perfect, you'll be whole, yeah
Track Name: Phantom Motorcar
Tonight we ran from the motorcars
Mock exhausted, left alone
We waited til the sun came out
To show ourselves to anyone

And oh you phantom motorcars
Playing demon for one night
Have filled us up with holy air
And made our cores within us us bright
Track Name: By Your Side
I don't know if you can tell
But I think that I'm in love with you
Every time I see your smile
Or hear your song I feel my heart swell

And oh the time I've wasted on
The little things that could go wrong
But I can't spend another day
Without you by my side

That night we jived to northern funk
I saw your dance moves were second to none
Bend and twist and scream and shout
With every move you tore my heart out

And oh the times you let me know
What's really going on I hope
That you won't wait another day
To have me by your side
Track Name: I Was Waiting For a Call
I was waiting for a call today
To tell me everything would be ok
I was listening for it all day long,
But it never came

I was sitting in the living room
When you came in I ran away
It was not fear of you that drove me then
But of knowing what to say

You asked me questions that were on your mind
I gave you answers I'd prepared
And though I'd thought about them for some time
Your reaction left me scared

I was waiting for a call today
To tell me everything would be ok
I was listening for it all day long
Track Name: Flowers and Graves
Flowers and beads
Strings and Chivalry
A night with sea or pine
You'll find your heart warm

Stars at night
Candles burning bright
A song of travels, far
We start to wonder/wander

Lamps and shades
Shapes and number games
A love of different hue
Pulls you together
Cars and trains
Shifts to other planes
A scattering abroad
A heart divided

Thorns and graves
Hopes for brighter days
A comfort from a ghost
You'll know
Track Name: River
Will you take me
To the place where
I will find her
Oh river
Will you bring me there?

Subtle headwinds
They have led me
To be near you
Oh river
Bring me home again

I am ready
To go on to
Where I should be
Oh river
Please stay next to me

Storms and
Fearsome creatures
Will not keep me
From my station
Oh River

It's time now
I must leave you
You have guided
Me to safety
Oh River
Track Name: In the Morning/In the Evening
In the morning in the evening I'll call to you
When our shelters have gone by the way
And the feelings inside, you could no longer hide
Will it be the same

Side by side we might waltz towards eternity
Never wondering what we might say
And the radars would show what we already know
When we've gone away

And I barely could see
What was floating next to me
When I'd pass
Or come into your view

And the time spent in dreams
Couldn't bring you close to me
Now you're gone, gone
Track Name: From Arthur to Agnes
I know I know that I've been saved
Put me upon that boat and sail away
I'll leave your arms for now don't be afraid
Our love will keep us close while I'm away

No bombs are falling from the air
And shadow forms that used to make us scared
Now paint the way bring peace as we prepare
Don't cry my dear don't cry, I'll meet you there

I know that love can never end
You'll be here and we can start again
To journey through what what we have left to learn
Our dreams will keep us tied til your return

My love, Ill wait until that day
When earthly lights and colors fade away
And as the sun goes down you'll see the gates
Until that time, my dear, we'll be ok